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17 day diet - day 1

so apparently i have not updated this thing since mid june. Even before then the only reason i still have a livejournal now is to comment on ontd every once in awhile. However that's about to change.

a few months ago alysha and her mom saw some guy on dr phil and he was talking about a book he wrote called the 17 day diet. basically it's a diet with 3 cycles lasting 17 days each and then a 4th ongoing cycle at the end. ever since then cindy, alysha's mom, has been talking about wanting the book nonstop but it's only available online through their website. finally she ordered it and she got it in the mail yesterday.

yesterday i hung out with melissa and snacked on peanut m&ms and chocolate chex mix while i was there, you know healthy shit. as i was leaving her house to go home for dinner alysha called me on her way home from work and said she was passing my house on the 405 at the moment and that i should come down and hang out with her. problem was i was already in huntington not long beach. she told me to just go to her moms and wait till she got there which i did. when i got the cindy's she had gotten the book and immediately started telling me all about everything she had read so far and then when her client came (she's a hair dresser and works out of her home) she gave me the book to read. it seemed pretty good. the first 17 days is all about cleansing so there's not much food options but as you go on more and more food is added into what you can eat so i said why the hell not. i thought i had a misc. little notebook in my room but i cannot find it and i want to document this whole thing so i thought to myself well i have a live journal i never use so why not that.

last night alysha and i found what scraps of paper we could in our purse and wrote down what was supposed to be eaten today for day 1 which is as follows:

- first thing in the morning hot water w/ half a lemon squeezed in it
- 2 scrambled eggs whites for breakfast
- green tea after breakfast
- large salad of leafy greens and veggies and tuna if you like (which i do not so um fuck that) for lunch with 1tblsp olive oil and 2 tblsp balsamic vinegar
- green tea after lunch
- grilled chicken and liberal amounts of veggies steamed or raw for dinner
- green tea afterwards
- 6 ounces plain sugar free yogurt with some fruit for a snack

the hot water with lemon thing so far was the hardest to do because i cannot handle tart things. i'm actually surprised the water was still hot when i finished cause i had to force myself to take every sip. hopefully as it goes on i become used to that though. my stomach is starting to growl so i should probably make that salad for myself. i've never been big on oil and vinegar for dressing, i usually stick to the ever so healthy ranch dressing so this should be interesting. i went to freash and easy earlier and bought myself some of the foods i need for today. later, when im at cindy's im going to write down the stuff for the next couple days so i can get more of what i need this weekend.

this is my loot from the store: green tea, lemons, blackberries, apples, lean chicken breast, onions, green beans & yogurt. it said i needed sugarfree yogurt but i looked at the label and they all had some sugar. i ended up getting a soy yogurt cause it has probiotics in it and cindy earlier on the phone kept talking about them so i figured eh might as well get this over the other kind which was normal yogurt but had more sugar

for yesterday unknowingly being my last day of bad food i have to say i did somewhat go out with a bang. i didnt have breakfast really but for lunch i had like a taco salad thing i made from leftovers from tacos the other night. it basically was like going to chipotle and getting a bowl there except i didnt have to pay $10 for it. then as i said i went to melissa's and ate chocolate chex mix and peanut butter m&ms and my last meal was a chicken nugget mini meal from mcdonalds and ice cream for dessert when i got home. oh mcdonalds how i am going to miss your delicious fries. yum.

after lunch i might go down to hb to walk and workout a bit with cindy cause she also bought the workout dvd that goes with the book. i may even do some wii fit before then, depends on how i feel tbh but a walk will be lovely since we most likely will walk along the beach seeing as her apartment is like a block from it.
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