DANGER WILL ROBINSON (dizzydance) wrote,

Day 2

so okay yea soy yogurt is the most disgusting thing on planet earth. i do not recommend anyone ever eat it cause it straight up tastes like paste.

i went with cindy on a 7 mile walk yesterday at around 330 and we got back at around 6ish. it was really nice, we went along the beach path all the way down to bolsa chica almost to warner. our inital goal was to walk to the lifeguard headquarters and then walk back but when we got there we just kept on going. however i did something dumb. im so used to transfering my arch support inserts from shoe to shoe that i put them in my walking ones which do not need them and caused me to get a blister on the ball of my foot. god damn.

we ate dinner at around 7ish last night and at about 10 i got really really hungry. i also got home around then and no one was home and all i wanted to do was get some ice cream or eat some corn chips but i stayed strong and did not indulge. go me.

so today is day 2. i started with the hot lemon water and that was not any better today. yuck. after i was done i headed back to fresh and easy to get normal yogurt that did not taste like paste then i got some strawberries too cause i guess for valentines day they have a special where two containers are only $4. one alone costs $3.99 so why wouldnt you just get two of them. when i got back i made myself my yogurt and berries for breakfast. pretty soon i'm going to throw a chicken breast in the oven to cook for my salad for lunch. i am going to be so sick of salad after this. also all this hot liquid is causing me to have to pee a lot. never in my life have i peed as much in one day as i did yesterday. i was talking to alysha on skype earlier today and she too is peeing up a storm. 

after lunch i'm going to target with my nonna to get a vegetable steamer plus i need to get some sugar free jam to mix in with my yogurt to make it not so bland tasting. i'm really excited to do this plus it's nice having alysha and her mom to do it with as a support system. cindy is going to be really good about keeping alysha and i in check on our stuff. she called me earlier but i missed the call cause i was talking to alysha but she wants me to come over and work out again today but with this blister i dont think thats an option. i think im going to wait to go down there till alysha gets off work and we can do it together and then just do some wii fit here at home.

oh mental note get something from target for my blister. it wasnt so bad yesterday at first but over night it ballooned up a bit more and now i have to adjust how i walk cause of the discomfort. blehgh. okay well it's almost 1130 now so i better start prepping my chicken for on top of my salad
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